About us

About us


Cadence Security Group is a Georgia-based licensed and insured full-service security guard company. We offer a wide array of armed, unarmed, and video surveillance across various business sectors. We are managed by a team of dedicated private security experts with tremendous experience. They apply knownledge they have gained both in the field and from extensive training to provide our clients with highly effective security solutions. To ensure that our security services are meeting each client's specfic set of concerns, we prioritize personalized service and solutions.

Why us?


"Security Is Our Middle Name."  We are a customer/client focused company, dedicated to maintaining the highest level of satisfaction possible at a fair and competitive price. Our standards for service and professionalism are unequaled. Our "Pursuit of Quality" places our corporate mission and values at the forefront of everything we do. By focusing on exceeding the expectations of our clients, we are driven to deliver excellence in our relationship and services.


We will Detect, Deter, and Defend our clients security needs. 

Building client relationships and partnerships is job number one.

Highly trained and motivated private security officers.